Fixed gas & flame detection applications

We can apply 36 years of experience to your fixed gas and flame detection requirements. Whether your concern is LEL, oxygen, or toxic gases, implementing a successful system starts with asking the right questions. We provide you with the best products and the best on-site support:

  • laboratory, pilot plant, and process area LEL monitoring for solvents, high
 vapor-pressure hydrocarbons, and hydrogen
  • laboratory, pilot plant, and process area oxygen deficiency monitoring
  • laboratory, pilot plant, and process area toxic gas monitoring
  • sequential sampling systems for PPM and PPB detection of high-toxicity
  • flame detectors using UV, UV-IR, and multi-spectral IR
  • boiler room / cogen plant natural gas and CO monitoring
  • UPS battery room hydrogen monitoring
  • parking garage and tunnel CO and NO2 monitoring
  • landfill methane and oxygen monitoring systems
  • municipal water and wastewater – LEL, O2, and H2S